Tips for a Healthy Face – Nose Edition

The nose. It is such an important body part that many people take it for granted. We breathe through our nose, we smell through our nose (whether good smells or bad smells) and some of use, get great joy in picking it (gross!).

But many people suffer from a constant stuffed nose, which limits their breathing and their smelling. There are many causes for this, from deviated septum‘s to abnormal amounts of mucus, to bad habits such as smoking and eating poorly. One of the first questions I ask my patients who have problems breathing is “have you tried cutting dairy out of your diet?”. You see, although very delicious, dairy can make breathing a lot worse as it thickens one’s mucus, and makes the nasal passage a lot smaller.

There are also over the counter nose sprays and surgical remedies out there, but I often don’t suggest them until they have tried some more natural healing methods.

Here is a great video explaining some home remedies for a blocked or stuff nose and sinusitis.

My favorite is the one that includes apple cider vinegar, honey and water because it actually doesn’t taste so bad. There are also Neti Pots which work well depending on how bad the sinuses are.

Remember, if you are suffering from sinusitis or constant stuffed nose, try giving up dairy. I know that it is easier said than done, but breathing is a great thing too!

Next, I will discuss some natural teeth cleaning tips. See you then!